About DonMog

Welcome to the Donington Morgan Owners Group (DonMog) which is a centre of the Morgan Sports Car Club (MSCC).

DonMog is a very active group based in the Castle Donington area of the UK which is on the boundaries of Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire and Leicestershire. This is the area of the country where the MSCC was inaugurated.

DonMog has a number of local activities including a regular monthly Noggin to which interested Morgan Owners are welcome. In addition to the local activities DonMog regularly actively participates in the national events organised by the MSCC.

You will find on this site a calendar of forthcoming events together with reports of some of the local activities.

The DonMog Badge

As you may know all local sections of the Morgan Sports Car Club have MOG as part of their names, e.g. New Forest is LOGMOG, London is SMOGMOG and Donington is DonMog.

Back in the 1970’s a DonMog member, Brian Charlesworth, realised the Spanish ring that the name Donmog has to it and conceived some little fairy-tale type stories involving Don Mog, a Spanish Grandee,

From this developed the idea of having a graphic representation of Don Mog, which was brought to fruition by another DonMog member, Mrs. Annette Gray – who is no mean artist!

Also in the 1970’s, Annette and another member, created the logo which reproduced the word DoNMoG to coincide with the frontal view of a Morgan car, which has been used for DonMog regalia in the past. In 1988, Brian had a desire to see a DonMog Centre Badge all its own and the idea of combining the Don Mog Grandee, with the DonMoG logo was developed. The badge which emerged was produced by Karen and Jim Baker, (later Badge & Medal International Ltd: now Colmet Ltd), who gave the most helpful technical advice.

An interesting sideline is that Donington Centre is the continuation of the foundling origin of MSCC, the Flying Horse at Kegworth, (near Castle Donington), being the meeting place for the initial session.