Barbecue Noggin 22

18th August 2022


Barton in the Beans

There were 23 Donmoggers there to enjoy Mary & Nev’s hospitality under a threatening sky which, by some miracle, produced zero rain. How lucky we were.  

Soon after the “meets and greets” were over the BBQ’s were surrounded by “mainly” male cooks and the odours of burning meats pervaded the air. It seemed as if the objective was carbonisation rather than risk salmonella-ism.

I saw Rob Hounslow, nonchalantly exhibiting advanced “en papillote” skills proudly presenting his salmon to Liz to only have it quickly returned to the grill. Some you win, some you lose, eh Rob!

I saw Woody, desperate for food, having to wait for the carnivores to clear a space for his veggie burgers whilst Mike Pullen was advised too late to put some oil on his burgers to prevent the grill from keeping the bottom half of them.  Oh, and it seems that Richard came close to a mini crisis as Jenny returned to the grill with her undercooked chicken.

Of course, Liz grilled her meat to perfection.  Need I say more.  I’ll take the payment later Liz!!!

Thanks also to everyone who supplied accompaniments for the table.

Fabulous desserts provided by Woody, Nina and Jenny finished off the meal.  Oops sorry, there was a formal side to the evening and Mary concluded the Noggin with some MSCC and Donmog business.

A massive thankyou to Mary and Nev for opening their home to us all for another very successful Rovin Noggin.

Words & Pictures – Martin Woodward