Belton House & Gardens

11th May 2023

We set off for Belton House with the top down and managed to clear Nottingham and Grantham without too many delays. There were two Morgans already in the area saved for us with more coming in.

Our rendezvous was the cafe which we found eventually and enjoyed a warming cuppa whilst waiting for everyone to arrive before heading off to the house. It was free flow through the house and once we had worked out where we were on the map we were able to enjoy the rooms that were open to us, including a world-renowned library and significant collections of silver and porcelain.

The house and gardens showcase cutting edge design and innovation from the 17th century. Following our tour of the house we went back to the car for our picnic as rumbles of thunder could be heard in the distance.

Indeed, we were soon sitting tight whilst waiting for the downpour to finish. We did manage to see the gardens before heading back home. Top down again until reaching Bingham when the dark clouds ahead made it necessary to put the hood up.

Many thanks to Gerald and Mary for organising such a splendid day out.

Words & Pictures – Carol Wood