Best of British Classics Day

2nd April

The Great British Car Journey, Ambergate, Derbyshire

Billed as a precursor to the “Real Drive It Day” I set off for Ambergate on a very cold, but dry, Sunday morning with my brother as my passenger.  We were excited to see the car collection advertised as:

“ Our attraction houses a collection of over 140 British cars from the early 1900s to the early 2000s. The collection begins with a 1902 Arrol-Johnston and ends with a 2006 McLaren and there’s everything in between – Austin Sevens, Minis, Morris Minors, Triumph Spitfires, Ford Escorts, etc. – marques 

and models that have long since disappeared from our roads but are remembered fondly by many car enthusiasts”.

I had booked the earliest entry slot of 9-10 am and arrived 20 mins early.  We were cordially greeted by one of the organisers, shown where to park and asked   “I trust you’ve had a good drive here?”.   I replied, “excellent journey but I’m freezing cold and could murder a coffee”.   “Oh, we’re not open till 9.00” came the reply. Looking disappointed I shivered in an extra exaggerated manner and was then promptly given access and directed to the coffee shop.  Great hospitality and service!!!

A cup of hot coffee and a bacon roll before the crowds arrived put us both in fine form to discover the cars close up.  My brother, Dave, had not visited before and although not a classic car owner was very excited to see some of the car models he had owned throughout his life along with some he wished that he had owned. 

Although this was my third visit, the collection never ceases to impress.  

We ventured outside to see what other cars had arrived and I must admit I was a little disappointed to see so few cars had arrived by 11.30am.  Mainly Landies, MG’s and Morgans (9) of which 6 were from Donmog.

This collection is A MUST SEE if you’ve never been before.  


The Donmog Roving Noggin on the 21st June is to be held at this great collection and I am already looking forward to my fourth visit.

Finally thanks to Phil Royle for his inputs into the day and thanks in advance for organising the June Noggin.