Boudicca at Tutbury Castle

17th November 2021

On a sunny November afternoon, a select (is 17 select?) group of Donnettes and others met at Tutbury Castle. Some had come via a pub lunch whilst others had travelled direct. Some came in Morgans and others in tin-tops.

We were made very welcome by the team at Tutbury Castle. On the dot of 2:30pm, we were ushered into the upstairs room where we were greeted by a roaring fire and an apparition with flaming red hair.

Lesley Smith was her usual meticulous historian and marvellous actress rolled into one. She acted the story of Boudicca and her role as warrior queen of the Iceni in what we now know as East Anglia. We learnt about the rape of her daughters which led to her mission of revenge and her resolution to teach the Romans a lesson. With support from other Celtic tribes, the red-headed queen swept across eastern England, and came close to driving the Romans out completely. Sadly she was a casualty, but she certainly gave the Roman Empire something to think about.

After the “presentation” and time for questions, we adjourned to the cafe for afternoon tea. Lesley soon appeared in Civvies and spoke to each table, answering even more of our questions.

With grateful thanks to Hazel Williams for organising this afternoon’s trip out.

Your humble scribe, Paul Fileman.