Bubble Car Museum

5th August 2022

DonMog ‘n a Bubble

Early in August a trip to The Bubble Car Museum near Boston (the one in Lincolnshire) was organised by David Wood. Twenty odd Morganeers made the gallant trip from various parts of the Midlands including ourselves from just down the road in East Kirkby.

A relaxed meet up in the museum café for refreshments gave a chance of much laughter ‘n catch up before heading into the museum for a wander around the collection. The collection was brilliant housing not only many bubble cars but period settings including kitchens, lounges, bedrooms which my parents had and no doubt many others in the group had too.

Many comments of “I can remember those” or “I’ve never seen one of those” etc plus from Gerald Ladkin “I gather you’re doing the write up Crispy?”. Venturing outside for a moment caught Eric Hawkins getting out of a Heinkel (I think) after his ride, and when asked “did you go far?” he replied “far enough” how we laughed.

Sadly when we sat down for lunch the kitchen stopped taking food orders due to high demand even though asked earlier if we needed to order our lunch. Apparently a degree is needed to remove a scone from its case ‘n butter it, never mind.

Cheers Woody for organising what turned out to be a cracking day,
Crispy ‘n Glynis

Ps, no sign of Michael which disappointed Glyn ‘cos that was the only way I could get her there.

Picture credits: Mark Crisp & Paul Fileman