Crazy Golf – July 2019


The skies were, let us say, threatening. The pirate themed Crazy Golf course at the Sawley Golf Club looked even more threatening.

The 20 plus Donmoggers, however, were undeterred and armed with club, ball, umbrellas, waterproofs, score cards and optimism we set out to conquer the course. In addition to the likes of rain showers and uneven greens, we also battled against canons, snakes, crocodiles, pirates and water hazards in order to complete the course.

There was just no chance of the cub scout group who arrived just behind us getting onto the course before nightfall……..we were sooooo bad. Par 2 & 3 holes were eventually limited to a maximum of 10 puts in order to ensure we “ate before the chefs went home”. It was a laugh a minute from start to finish.

We enjoyed a satisfying evening meal in a quiet area of the restaurant followed by the usual notices and future events summary from Liz.

Enormous thanks to Carol and Woody for organizing this event.

Herewith a few photo memories from the evening.

Two Handed – or should I say fisted!!
Waiting to tee off……….not rained off
Caged for non regulatory dress code

Posing with her whip!!!!
Should have gone to specsavers

Despite the weather, the obstacles, the time penalties, the poor fairways and greens the event produced a worthy winner……Graham Edwards. Thanks to a hole in one on the 9th he beat yours truly by one shot.

The Winners

Martin Woodward