Crazy Golf – October 2022

Tuesday 25th dawned bright and sunny. As a consequence, a cheerful bunch of 19 DonMoggers gathered at the Trent Lock Golf Club in preparation for  the Crazy Golf play-offs. Our organiser, Liz, soon had us supping hot drinks whilst studying menus. Lunch ordered, we split into two teams – once again, we were Ladies vs Gents.

Sportingly, the Gents offered to start at hole 9 to speed the flow whilst the Ladies started at the beginning. There were many cries of anguish as golf balls flew in various directions, sometimes even heading towards the intended hole. Once or twice, balls went out of bounds and some were even found to have changed colour on recovery.

A degree of ingenuity was required when one (anonymous) player’s ball lodged underneath a low bridge. After much sculling, cajoling and raking, the ball emerged in the opposite direction to that intended by the recovery team.

The two teams soon got their eye in and more consistent performances were starting to be seen from some of the players (but not all!).

After a great deal of hilarity, we re-convened indoors to compare scores. The 2022 results were a win for the Gents with a corrected (9 players vs 10 Ladies) score of 446 against the Ladies 497.

The award for the best personal score of the day went to Woodie with 37. Mary Ladkin had the best Ladies score with 39 (exactly the same as Gerald’s score – coincidence?). 

The complete score sheets are available for inspection should there be any belated challenges to the final scores.

Lunch was served promptly on our return to the club house and we were soon engrossed in convivial conversation. It had been decided that the Ladies / Gents split was to be preserved over lunch which gave both groups the chance for unrestrained gossip.

Many thanks to Liz for organising the event – it was a grand day out.

Paul Fileman

Photos – Martin Woodward