Curborough Sprint Taster Day

Being relatively new to this Morganeering lark ‘twas mentioned at a club night about a Sprint Taster Day at Curborough Circuit ‘n thought I might go and see what’s what! No, didn’t even think about entering.

As the weather was good roof off motoring was the order of the day, didn’t want to turn up lookin’ different to everyone else ie, “he’s got his roof up! Hehe”!! By the time I arrived drivers were already having a go around the twisty track.

Bacon sandwich devoured ‘n now watching the “action” many Morgans plus a Mazda MX5 and a Formula type racer all getting enthusiastic t in the non timed event, until, someone went off! This slowing drivers down…a lot! Luckily the damage didn’t look too severe, until he got home…

Things however started to speed up again during the afternoon which was nice, home time loomed after a nice day with nice company (you know who you were) all in all a crackin’ day out! 

Why didn’t I enter? 
I know me ‘n like my car the shape it is….