DOGs Moira Furnace Walk

14th February 2024

A large group of DonMoggers gathered at the Lakeside Bistro for pre-walking coffee and sustenance on the morning of Valentines Day. Some of our members (but not many) were excitedly discussing the Valentines Day treats that their other half had showered them with earlier in the day.  We all ordered lunch before gathering in the car park for a footwear change and setting off at a brisk pace towards Moira Furnace. 

Some of our number were well prepared and carrying rucksacks containing additional waterproofs and umbrellas. There was some gentle ribbing, largely based on a weather forecast of fine but dull conditions. Half way round the walk, the ribbing tide ebbed and flowed in the opposite direction as it started to drizzle and then to rain.

Undaunted, we walked on. We paused at a sign which was a memorial for the Donisthorpe Coal Mine which used to be on the site. One of the displayed pictures included a group of mineworkers and included Martin’s Dad.

Returning to the Lakeside Bistro, our tables were ready and the food soon started to emerge. The room went quiet as assembled DonMoggers tucked in to, mostly, comfort food. Rumour has it that some even found room for sticky toffee pudding (with two scoops of ice cream).

The walk, the food and the company were excellent. Many thanks to Martin Woodward for organising a lovely walk with a great spot for lunch.

Words: Paul Fileman

Pictures: Martin Woodward & Paul Fileman