DOGs – Museum of Making Derby

15th November 2022

The weather was wet, windy and distinctly TIN TOP when 13 Donmoggers ventured into Derby City Centre on Tuesday 15th November.

All but one of us managed to navigate the Derby ring road and arrive “on time”. 

After a warming coffee everyone set off to explore the museum and its Derby based history of making contents.

We had been advised that the ‘huge” model railway on the 3rd floor was to be operational at 11am but true to UK tradition the trains were running late and despite a full platform of “customers” eager to relive their younger years only 2 of the many trains on the display could be operated at the same time……….and true to form one of them failed to proceed.  Nevertheless many continued to watch and watch……..and hope for more.

Next door to the railway a large room contained the most incredible display of railway memorabilia and assorted mechanical pieces ranging from Qualcast Lawn Mowers and model traction engines to ancient telephones and switchboards.  

Over 20,000 items of salvaged/donated/collected memorabilia from Derby’s industrial heritage.  

Perhaps one of the most impressive exhibits is the Rolls Royce jet engine hanging from the roof and suspended above the stairwell.  Stripped of its streamlined covers, which is usually the only thing we see, the mass of pipes, valves and electrical cables was mind boggling.

Of course, exhibits of silk clothing, ceramics and even Silk motor cycles were to be found on the other floors.  

A visit to the “public” workshops where the general public can rent out space, machinery and expert tuition to produce their own projects was well equipped and appeared to be in full use.  The visit to these workshops concluded an extremely interesting visit before heading to “The Old Silk Mill” public house across the road from the Museum for lunch.

Assorted DonMoggers at lunch.

Thanks to all who attended. (Photos from Paul Fileman & Myself)

Martin Woodward