DOGs Outing – Kelham Island Museum

3rd May 2022

When Richard asked anyone to contact him  to visit  Kelham  Island Museum, a return visit was never to be turned down. So on Tuesday 3rd of May we joined Richard and 5 other Donmoggers at the museum.

Richard gave us a resume of the museum which is housed in one of Sheffield’ old tram sheds, before we made our way in past the Bessemer Converter.

The museum tells of Sheffield’s industrial history, with both static and live exhibits. The main theme is the steel industry in all its;’ many forms, from heavy industry, tooling through to cutlery, and of course steel making. There are videos and still photos of the workers of earlier years that show how hard working conditions were. Such as the buffer girls in the finishing of cutlery.

Some of the static exhibits include armourments in several sizes and ages. There are displays of the Sheffield Simplex cars upstairs which are impressive.

In another area of the museum are displays of tooling and penknives, static displays of the different companies’ exhibits that were used in exhibitions all over the world.

We snacked in the cafe opposite the entrance on excellent food before a return at 2pm to see the River Don Steam engine in all its magnificence doing what it does best, working at full power. This is the last remaining engine of its tip which was designed to power a two high reversing rolling mill.

The noise and smell of this engine are not to be missed. The museum is free to enter and asks for donations which it needs to keep going to show new generations of what a rich heritage Sheffield has in the production of its steel making and engineering products both great and small.

Another visit is called for, and we will be there if only to watch the River Don Engine perform, as its makers Davy United of Sheffield intended.

Many thanks to Richard Smith for organising the day out for us.

David Pawley.