DOGS Outing – Kilworth House Theatre

Wednesday 19th July – Hairspray

The 2 weeks before our trip to Kilworth to see Hairspray were spent with me avidly checking weather Apps – especially given the weather we’ve been having this summer. Then the Sunday before, after at another open-air theatre event, when we got well and truly drenched in a down- pour I was even more assiduous in checking them. In the event, having consulted 3 different Apps, I made the decision and let the 15 intrepid DonMoggers and friends know that we were braving the weather and meeting for the planned pre-theatre picnic. It was also very good to welcome novice Kilworth goers Dick and Carolyn Steele and Mike and Sally McKay to our happy band.

For those of you who have never been, the auditorium at Kilworth is covered, so the audience and cast never get wet whatever the weather, it’s just the hardy picnic goers!

It turned out that the risk was worth taking, and whilst it was very overcast whilst we were picnicing, it did not actually even spot with rain until we finished, and when it did start it only lasted about 5 minutes – thank heavens.

Not being able to take photos during the performance, I did manage to get one of the stage and set before the action started. Luckily too, whilst the sun had come out by the time it started the weather did not cause the over- heated oven effect that had people fainting and paramedics being called last year.

For those of you who don’t know the story, the action is set in early 60s Baltimore. Tracy, a chubby teenager, wants to dance on a TV talent show whist at the same time ends up challenging and standing up to the racism on TV at the time. Very relevant to the US Civil Rights movement that was current at the time it was originally performed, it also chimes with many of today’s issues like

‘Black Lives Matter’, ‘Me Too’ and the calling out of image shaming. Having said that, the show is funny, energetic, very positive throughout and ends with a definite feel-good factor.
The cast and orchestra are all professionals from the West End, the performances were stunning, and the music and dancing breathtaking. Overall, a brilliant production that had everyone tapping their feet and many of our group said they thought it was the best performance that we have seen a Kilworth so far.

Although I don’t know yet what show is planned for 2024, I will be organising another group then. Keep your eyes open for the advert if you fancy joining us.

Words & Pictures Liz Ellis