DOGs Outing – Sarah’s Wood – 15th February 2022

It was a dark and stormy Tuesday morning somewhere between valentines day and a noggin when an intrepid bunch of Donmoggers squelched into Eden Bistro for a coffee (and cake in some cases) prior to setting out on the walk round Sarah’s Wood. There was only one Morgan in the car park (Roger and Linda braved the elements) – the remainder of us sticking to snorkels.  Fortunately the rain subsided slightly to a light drizzle and we enjoyed a lovely guided walk.
Sarah’s Wood is a 25 acre woodland on the edge of Moira. It was created by Leicestershire County Council, the National Forest Company and SOS (Stars Organisation Supporting Action for People with Cerebral Palsy). Its name is the  result of a competition run by the Leicester Mercury. The winning name recognises the support given by Sarah Louise Goudie, a five year old child suffering from cerebral palsy, to the SOS woodland appeal. In 1995, the wood was officially named ‘Sarah’s Wood’ in her honour. Alan Titchmarsh, an  SOS Member,  planted the first trees in the new wood. Sarah’s Wood is now an attractive woodland and wildlife haven, with native broadleaf trees, hedgerows and a hay meadow.

Brave souls at the start of the walk.

Our intrepid guide led us through a network of paths, including a railway crossing and a short tunnel. There was an abundance of chatter, a lot of which was about how lucky we were with the weather. 
We soon returned to the Eden Bistro for lunch which arrived promptly and was excellent. Some of our number succumbed to a pudding justifying their decision based on the number of steps accrued during the morning.
It was lovely to be out in the fresh air with fellow DonMoggers and to enjoy a splendid lunch stop. Many thanks to Martin Woodward for organising the outing and for taking us to such a pleasant bistro. 

Bridge of Smiles

Paul Fileman