DOGs Outing – Stonehurst Farm Motor Museum

13th March 2024

Fortunately, the rain stopped for once and allowed thirteen DonMoggers spread across six Moggies and a tin top to enjoy an interesting outing at Stonehurst Farm Mountsorrel, Leicester.

The owner, Tom, gave us an excellent guided tour of the motor museum and put life and stories around some of the exhibits, most dating back to the 1930’s or earlier. These included Leicestershire’s first motorised bus, a 1930’s period garage, motorbikes from a 1911 “TT” Ariel through to classic Vincent, cars ranging from an original unrestored 1911 Wolseley, Austin 7’s, Vauxhall 30-98, to 1960’s sports cars.

Many of the cars and motorcycles on display are still running, and attend regular vintage motoring events throughout the year, including hill climbs and trialling events.

The menfolk in the group along with Tom were definitely in the zone with heads stuck under most of the bonnets and getting all excited about the oily bits.

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Socialising between the menfolk and ladies was then resumed with an excellent lunch upstairs .

Words: Roger & Linda Pullen

Pictures: Paul Fileman