DOGs – Racing Room Scalextrix

13th September

After an excellent and incredible value meal at Wetherspoons in Nottingham, a dozen intrepid racers assembled outside The Dragon Pub for an afternoon of Scalextric racing.  Our time slot was 2 to 4pm, and having arrived at 1.35 the door was firmly shut! “Not open till 2” said the barman after we banged on the door, which was firmly shut again! However as the landlady left the pub at 1.55 she allowed us in. We were grateful for a dry day.!

The layout was new, having been redone in lockdown, so we had a new course to learn. Six racers at a time on a 2 lane track, a button on the hand controller allowed lane changes for overtaking, but should not be confused with the button for braking! Collision avoidance was needed on 2 crossovers, unfortunately the scene of many pile-ups. and carnage.

Some cars were much slower than others but we rotated using every car in turn for fairness, the Aston Martin was frustratingly slow. The concentration needed was immense, particularly with changing cars and watching the new one, and each 3 or 4 lap race was hectic. 

The scores were totalled with Liz in third place, me second and well done to Roger for winning.

A great time was had by all, thanks to Paul for organising the afternoon.

Pictures: Paul Fileman & Martin Woodward

Words: Richard Davies