DOGs – Staunton Harold

8th May 2024

On a beautiful May morning, 14 Morgans (including new members Graham and Janine plus visitor Andy) assembled in front of the hall at Staunton Harold.

After a few minutes, we all strolled round to the Ferrers Centre for coffee and chatter. As planned, we were back in front of the hall in good time for our 11:30 guided tour of the main rooms of the hall.

Caroline guided us expertly through the entrance hall, ball room and library before taking us upstairs to view the room which is now licensed for civil weddings. We were told that this room had a ceiling taken from elsewhere and installed here. Returning downstairs, Caroline was joined by husband Andrew who insisted we get to see the private dining room before going to the garden. One by one, additional rooms were added to our tour.

We ended our tour in the private garden with a lovely view of the house together with the parkland and the church. All too soon, it was time to express our thanks and head round to the Ferrers Centre to find lunch.

Many of us ended up in the Garden Centre where a wide selection of food was available. It was lovely to eat outdoors in the sunshine.

Many thanks to Richard Davies for a brilliant outing – that was very well supported.

Words & Pictures: Paul Fileman