Drive It Day 2023

Pipes in the Peaks – April 23rd

On April 23rd, forty hardy Morganeers from Donmog and Sherwood Forest Centre made their way through storm, tempest and flood (it drizzled and was a bit wet- but journalistic licence!) and made their way to Dovedale Garage at Thorpe.

We were welcomed into the building with hot drinks and the sight of some wonderful classic cars and driving memorabilia.

We soon found out that this was not all as our guide, Christian, introduced us to, and demonstrated, a variety of weird and wonderful mechanical musical instruments, all lovingly conserved and kept in working order. We then took part in a buffet meal with a wide choice of savouries and cakes. The sausage rolls were declared to be the best ever tasted by a number of folks. The home-made cakes were to die for – but at least we could die contented! A lovely touch was that the napkin rings had been made with the Morgan wings on them and a slide-show of Morgans and the club logo was shown during the meal.

After eating, we were given a recital by Christian on the Compton Cinema Organ which rose out of the floor and swivelled around complete with bells, whistles and every other sound effect you could think of. Christian is an enthusiast and his passion for this instrument is infectious. I`m sure that

during the show he must have grown several other pairs of arms and legs to get the best out of this organ. The workings of the organ are all visible and are spotlighted as each effect is played. We had tunes from several decades as well as a couple of hymn tunes in there as he accompanied a film of the Titanic.

The comments heard were very appreciative and the word “amazing” was frequently used. On a dull, damp Drive It Day it was good to be in a warm building with an even warmer welcome.

Phil Royle