Drive It Day 2024 – Peak Rail & Mognificent

Sunday 21st April

On Drive It Day we drove our newly cleaned car to Peak Rail at Rowsley where we joined the lineup of Morgans. A lovely day but very cold so a coffee from the café was purchased to take on the train with us to Matlock.

At least 13 of us took the first trip and on approaching Matlock spotted another Morgan in the car park. This turned out to be Frank’s who was meeting up with Richard and Vic. A little on the cold side for venturing into Matlock so we headed back to Rowsley and the excellent café for a light lunch.

Quite a few more Morgans had been added to the display and we were given the opportunity to vote for a car in the mognificent selection process for Donmog. We were also able to catch up with people we hadn’t seen for a while before heading home again, hood still down.

Words & Pictures: Woody & Carol