Grass Autotest – 8th May 2022

We were favoured by the weather this year with a lovely mild day. We also had a good number of entrants with 15 drivers registered. Once again, Frank had engineered six fiendish tests to challenge us all – thank you Frank.

Ian was our very able chief Marshall and time keeper – thanks Ian. As we started to try and understand the first test, a queue started to form. The action kept going all afternoon with plenty of speed, the odd spin and one or two mistakes. The universal theme all afternoon seemed to be laughter.

Derek had entered his MGB GT, suitably labelled.

A bevy of Morgans took part – ranging in age from Richard’s splendid +8 to Rob’s nearly new Plus Four. It was great to see a first time entrant having a go – and telling us that they had enjoyed the experience. It would be great to see a few more cars entered next year.

All too soon, we seemed to have finished all the tests and Liz (our scorekeeper for the day, assisted by Sheila – thank you both) was announcing the results.

First – Paul

Second – Frank

Third – Peter

And first lady – Jan

All told, a grand afternoon.

Many thanks to David Marriott for allowing us to use his field (freshly mown and rolled for the occasion).

Hoping everyone enjoyed the event as much as I did.

Paul Fileman