Roving Noggin – Belvoir Castle

Wednesday 18th May 2022

This turned out to be a very sucessful event, blessed with good weather. An invitation had been extended to LinMog (Lincoln) due to initial poor uptake from DonMog – in the end we had ten DonMog cars and nine LinMog cars. We even had a 3 Wheeler. Success.

Many consider Belvoir Castle to be in Lincolnshire hence the LinMog connection but it is actually just inside Leicestershire yet has a Nottingham postcode. Confused?

Meeting was on the terrace at 11am with a short introduction to Belvoir Castle by the events team followed by some very short noggin formalites (thank you Richard) after which it was very much a free flow around the castle gardens, castle itself and the Aviary tearooms.

If you are into art then the castle itself is a must. The main gallery had examples from many famous artists including Gaisnsborough, Constable and Reubens. The content is supposedly valued at £200 million yet is on open display with very little between the paintings and sticky mitts.

We are not normally ones for the interior of stately homes but this one has a warmth and  vibrance about it that makes you want to linger. So very different to Kedleston Hall which was the subject of a DonMog visit in December 2021.

It is beautifully furnished with magnificent statues and busts along with exquisite furniture, much of which has royal connections.

Keeping the Olde English theme we had some lunch in the Aviary Tearooms with its fine china teacups and lots of cake(!). Afterwards we went for a walk down and round the front of the castle.

Despite not being organised into groups, we kept bumping into other Morganeers on our travels thus generating many impromptu conversations. The lineup of 19 Morgans on the castle terrace  was quite spectacular but very difficult to photograph. 

A very good day with many thanks for the support from our LinMog friends.

Final Score then: DonMog 10, LinMog 9

Roger & Linda Pullen