Roving Noggin – The Great British Car Journey

Wednesday 21st June 2023

It was a lovely evening when we set out for our drive from Costock to Ambergate for the first Roving Noggin of 2023. We were fortunate to choose a route not beset by horrendous traffic and arrived a bit early having over-allowed for the potential rush hour delays. The car park was soon full of Morgans.

Row of Morgans parked outside The Great British Car Journey

After a pleasant natter in the car park, we were invited to go into the museum for our private session. We ordered food and seated ourselves in convivial groups. After eating, there followed a short DonMog business session. We were welcomed formally by the museum’s owner, Richard Usher too.

Our welcome included reference to a solo voyage up the river in the museum’s Dutton Surf. Having viewed the car/boat, I am not sure it is as seaworthy as it might be!

In no time at all, we were wandering freely through the exhibits. This was my third visit to the museum and there are always new exhibits to see and new stories to learn about. From very low mileage Vauxhalls to Baden-Powell’s Rolls Royce.

Jan and I elected to start our tour at the far end of the museum and work our way back towards the entrance. There is lots to see and we kept finding cars that we remembered from our youth as well as the odd one or two that seemed to have slunk in.

When Jan and I left the museum, there was only one Morgan left in the car park apart from ours. We enjoyed a pleasant drive home on reasonably quiet roads.

It was a lovely visit – well worth the drive. Many thanks to Phil Royle for organising it and to the museum for making us welcome.

Words and pictures: Paul Fileman